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I don’t mean to brag , but I am one of the most beautiful Corsican river and among the last wild river in Europe…

I rise in the massif of Incudine at 2128 meters, near Bavella forest; I slide down 56 km of waterfalls and rocky chaos before flowing in the sea and creating the beach of Propriano.

I am living my last days of freedom.

Soon will rise in the middle of my banks a 40 metres high dam.

All around me, the devastation of nature generated by the preliminary works has already started. And it is only the beginning…

   After years of relentless struggle, my friends Georges Mattei, the Association de Défense du Rizzanese et de son Environement among others, could not prevent the construction of the dam.


In November 2006, the Conseil d’Etat set aside the request that more than 12 associations for the conservation, research and restoration of the environment submitted in order to stop this massacre.

That's it ...     

This absurd project will swallow more than 200 millions € and will cause irreversible harm from an ecological, cultural, historical and human point of view.

How such a project can grow when the breaking down of several dams is planed all Iover Europe?

I am sad and I am scaredpierre




Contact : salvemuRizzanese, Rogliano 20247





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